Imran's visit and hopes for end to US-Pak acrimony
  • Imran's visit and hopes for end to US-Pak acrimony(09:42)
    By Shubha Singh
    Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khans visit to the US next week is meant to reset Pakistans often stormy relations with the US. The first visit by Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan had been under discussion for some weeks, but Islamabad got a jolt when the State Department spokesperson refuted Pakistani media reports of a meeting between the Pakistani Prime Minister and President Donald Trump, saying that there was no confirmation of a meeting of the two leaders by the White House. There was much relief in Islamabad when the White House confirmed two days later that a meeting would take place on July 22 in Washington.
Understanding the new age organisation for national advancement (Column: Spy's Eye)
  • Understanding the new age organisation for national advancement (Column: Spy's Eye)(09:14)
    By D.C. Pathak
    India's strategy of governance and growth must rely heavily on the transformational impact that the IT revolution has made on our young generations over these three decades. This had overshadowed the traditional approaches the rulers had hitherto adopted in both areas. Time is ripe for this course correction as the country has in Prime Minister Narendra Modi a leader who had an uncanny grasp of how the times had changed.
  • The End: The era of single screens and jubilees (Column: B Town)(08:58)
    By Vinod Mirani
    A generation of movie buffs in Mumbai will go on a nostalgia trip and, a rather melancholic one, following the news of the impending closure of the citys iconic, Regal Cinema. So many cinema halls in Mumbai and other metros have downed shutters over the last decade or so. These single screen cinemas enjoyed iconic status and all drew their loyal audience. A film drew as much crowd as a particular cinema just for its ambience. Like all cities, Mumbai too had its cinema belt where the prominent cinema halls were situated within few hundred meters of each other.
Measuring child progress (Column: Active Voice)
  • Measuring child progress (Column: Active Voice)(09:46)
    By Amit Kapoor
    A society's future is inextricably intertwined with its children. How they survive, grow and thrive determine its developmental prospects since the world of tomorrow will inherit the children of today. So, investing in our children's future makes for a compelling argument besides it being a moral imperative.
Curtains for India (Column: Close-in)
  • Curtains for India (Column: Close-in)(09:10)
    By Yajurvindra Singh
    The final of the Cricket World cup has the host England playing against New Zealand. Both the countries have been at the last stage of the tournament in the past, but unfortunately, they have never got their hands on the trophy and have returned with disappointment and despair. Finally, one of them should deservedly do so on July 14 on the prestigious Lord's balcony. A proud moment for the country that wins as both of them have been a part of cricket history without having the most valued cricket trophy as their show piece.
  • International Financial Services Centre: Much needed for India (Column: Behind Infra Lines)(09:06)
    By Taponeel Mukherjee
    In a rapidly transforming global economic landscape in the face of Brexit, trade wars, debates around central bank policy and India emerging as a major economy in aggregate terms, a focus on creating a financial hub in India is both required and commendable. The Union Budget 2019 has provided incentives to ensure a renewed focus on the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at GIFT City, Gandhinagar. Tax measures to boost investor interest is timely and a good start.
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After banks, govt may recapitalise PSU insurers prior to restructuring
Post Rahul, Congress may splinter but something new needed (Comment)
  • Post Rahul, Congress may splinter but something new needed (Comment)(11:48)
    By Saeed Naqvi
    When Trinamools Mahua Moitra took Parliament by storm in her debut speech last month, a thought crossed my mind. In over two decades as Congress President could not Sonia Gandhi have sent a handful of young people to both the Houses who would have been noticed: politically savvy, feet on the ground, conversant with issues, articulate?
M.S. Dhoni: Not just a name, but an emotion
  • M.S. Dhoni: Not just a name, but an emotion(15:26)
    By Aakash Kumar
    New Delhi, July 7 (IANS) Remember in 2005, then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had become a fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his hairstyle. In fact, Musharraf was so much in awe of Dhoni's hairstyle during the Pakistan tour of 2006, that he advised him to not get a haircut.
Corporate performance vital, buy select PSU stocks (Column: Market Watch)
  • Corporate performance vital, buy select PSU stocks (Column: Market Watch)(15:12)
    By Arun Kejriwal
    A quick recap of the week gone by saw BSESENSEX gain 118.75 points or 0.30 per cent to close at 39,5163.39 points while NIFTY was up 22.30 points or 0.19 per cent to close at 11,811.15 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 gain 0.14 per cent, 0.06 per cent and flat respectively. BSEMIDCAP was down 0.56 per cent while BSESMALLCAP was down 0.68 per cent. The indices had gained on the first four days of trading and lost on the presentation of the budget. What was heartening was the fact that the Indian Rupee gained 60 paisa or 0.87 per cent to close at Rs 68.42 to the dollar. June series futures expired flat with a gain of 0.85 points at 11,946.75 points. The shares of Indiamart Intermesh Ltd listed and registered gains of Rs 353.25 or 36.31 per cent to close at Rs 1,326.25.
Time to discuss mutual interests (Column: Political Calculus)
  • Time to discuss mutual interests (Column: Political Calculus)(10:32)
    By Jayanta Ghosal
    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came in advance for the final round of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's face-to-face meeting with American President Donald Trump. Trump sent him to fix the schedule of the two top leaders' meeting. It was just before June 28 that a bilateral meeting would be held in the G-20 summit in Japan. But with Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, Pompeo also held an advance meeting basically for themselves. Trump praised Modi with a tweet as soon as his second innings started, but his main goal was to ensure that India withdrew tax on US items - India has taxed medicine, cars, toys, and this tax had to be reduced.
Programmers: taking films to the cleaners! (Column: B Town)
  • Programmers: taking films to the cleaners! (Column: B Town)(09:18)
    By Vinod Mirani
    The way films are promoted and released lately is rather mechanical! The whole thing about releasing a new film pertains to number of screens. There is no clarity on how that is decided! How can a company market a product it knows nothing about be it a toothpaste, soap, biscuit or a film! But, that is how the film business has been working since the coming on scene of corporate houses and the multiplex cinema screens, also run by corporate houses.
India's balancing act (Column: Spy's Eye)
  • India's balancing act (Column: Spy's Eye)(09:06)
    By D.C. Pathak
    With India, the largest democracy of the world, rapidly rising to its potential as a global player during the Modi regime, its natural placement in the international arena is attracting the limelight after a long period of survival without shine. The hallmark of this is an implicit acknowledgement by the world powers that India stood for sanity in global affairs.
Final countdown begins at 2019 World Cup (Column: Close-in)
  • Final countdown begins at 2019 World Cup (Column: Close-in)(13:04)
    By Yajurvindra Singh
    The cricket World Cup in England has reached its final countdown. Australia, India, England and New Zealand have emerged victorious from the group stage to reach the semi-finals. None of these sides have a clean and unblemished record and that is precisely why predicting a winner is truly foolhardy.
Budget 2019: Kickstarting India's Developmental Journey (Column: Active Voice)
PSUs must maximise 'time value of money' to boost growth (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
The elephant in the room in growing Indo-US ties (Comment)
  • The elephant in the room in growing Indo-US ties (Comment)(08:02)
    By Frank F. Islam
    US President Donald Trumps trip to the DMZ to meet with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his conciliatory get together with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit in Osaka Japan got most of the headlines in the US and world press at the end of June and beginning of July. The most consequential conversations during that time period, though, may have been those held by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his visit to India before the Osaka summit and by President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Summit itself. Those discussions and the subsequent comments after them signaled that the India-US strategic partnership may be continuing to evolve in a positive direction.
  • Diversifying Indo-Saudi ties: A strategic shift beyond energy (Comment)(10:52)
    By Cauvery Ganapathy
    Bilateral relations, where the indices of energy or economic needs and strategic considerations coincide, exhibit a robustness which usually outlives the everyday flux of international politics. Indias relations with Saudi Arabia represent such an intersection. Indo-Saudi ties presently are defined by the large Indian diaspora, the attendant remittances (11.6 per cent of total inflow in 2018), the $28 billion bilateral trade and the 800,000 barrels of Saudi crude that New Delhi buys per day. The dependence on oil imports is only expected to increase with India anticipated to overtake China as the worlds largest importer of oil by 2024 - with a dependence of between 80 per cent and 83 per cent.
Budget 2019-20: Waiting for Directions (Guest Column)
US out, Australia in: The new education pillar in Canberra-Delhi ties (Comment)
  • US out, Australia in: The new education pillar in Canberra-Delhi ties (Comment)(09:32)
    By Amit Dasgupta
    Australia is fast emerging as the preferred higher education destination for meritorious Indian students and there is credible speculation that it would challenge the traditional preference for the US before long. There are various reasons behind this. First, perceptions about the US have undergone a dramatic change. Several recent developments and government policies, including reportage of incidents of continued attacks against migrant and non-white communities, suggest that the US is no longer the melting pot it hoped to be, nor is it welcoming of foreigners. The us-versus-them attitude has taken deep root triggering a sense of pervading nationalism and fostering a culture of intolerance. This is unfortunate because the US stood for certain values that it appears to no longer uphold.
Skills at risk (Comment)
  • Skills at risk (Comment)(08:58)
    By K. Yatish Rajawat and Shivam Kaushik
    Absorbed with their to-do lists and set of tasks, professionals have little time to worry about the wider relevance of their skills. There is no time to stop and study the changing nature of skills, jobs or even business process changes that is shaping white collar jobs across the country. The nature of jobs is changing rapidly almost at an exponential rate, and the pace is so fast that it cannot be mapped. Human minds can comprehend linear change but when the graph becomes exponential in nature it is impossible to do so. It is considered better to ignore it as an
Taking stock: Box office January-June 2019 (Column: B Town)
  • Taking stock: Box office January-June 2019 (Column: B Town)(09:10)
    By Vinod Mirani
    As the first half of the year 2019 comes to an end, it is that time of the year; the time to take stock of the box office status in general vis a vis the Hindi films and that of each film released during the period individually. There is a superstition about not to release a film on the first Friday of a new year. And, that superstition continues as no major film was released on the first Friday this year, too. It seems, people would like to get the hang of the new year and settle down into it for, somehow, the superstition has proved right and the first Friday as well as the weekend have, as a routine, failed to draw footfalls. May be, not in the mood for a film outing, especially after the New Year revelry which happens to be the event of the year.
Crisis of accountability (Column: Spy's Eye)
  • Crisis of accountability (Column: Spy's Eye)(09:06)
    By D.C. Pathak
    The rise of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister in 2014 was chiefly attributable to the confidence he inspired among the people on two counts - his personal integrity as a leader and his reputation for administering the government with a strong hand. These had become a dire necessity for the country. The citizens were truly fed up with the permissiveness of corruption that had overtaken an ineffectual governance earlier. The Modi regime declared its resolve to eliminate bribes and succeeded in demonstrating that ministers and ministries would be free of the taint of corruption in his time. It is his credibility as a Prime Minister who would keep his promise of giving a clean government and launch several schemes for the direct benefit of the common man that got him a thumping majority in 2019 again.