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Once a dumping ground, Neela Hauz now a soothing site (IANS Special)
  • Once a dumping ground, Neela Hauz now a soothing site (IANS Special)(10:14)
    By Pragya Singh
    New Delhi, May 17 (IANS) Amid the bustle of south Delhi's urbane surroundings, the Neela Hauz biodiversity park, comes as a soothing sight. The clean water body and the lush green landscapes that one sees today was earlier a stench emanating dumping ground for construction material and sewage water. Caretakers at the site claim that it attracts a large number of tourists on daily basis in winters.
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Ode to strangers (Column: Tete-e-tete)
  • Ode to strangers (Column: Tete-e-tete)(12:52)
    By Aditti Ahluwalia
    Eating is a social activity and food binds people alright. It forms connections and an amazing dynamics reigns over people and their meal time talks. We have seen that where some are clearly in it for the catching up, the others can be difficult to typecast. Between the varying degrees of stalkers, talkers and listeners, the conversations can range from the trials and tribulations of voguish living to those of bad partners, intrusive in laws, the straying self, the looker who inspires the inner serial killer, the sex or the lack of it, their intolerance of the intolerance in others and heaps of weirdness in between. We get to see all sorts and our conversation is no different. Now some might render it to the flâneuse in us but our unconventional hobby is marked by sheer curiosity.
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