Exit Yashwant: No big deal, yet… (Column: Political Circus) (11:38)
By Amulya GanguliIANS Photo Service
Yashwant Sinhas departure from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is an event which ranks as low on the political Richter scale as the entrances of S.M. Krishna or Rita Bahuguna Joshi in the saffron outfit from the Congress.

James M. Cain's bleak view of human nature and relationships (Column: Bookends) (11:12)
By Vikas DattaIANS Photo Service
Why do we like evil, or rather, are fascinated by it, especially in its literary manifestations? Philosophically, evil is needed, for without it how can we recognise/do good, the fundamental underpinning of virtually all religions and moral systems? This may also hold true in the literary sense, where we also can experience a vicarious view of its course -- without the resultant consequences.

Nihal Singh was the last of the Gentlemen Editors (Comment) (12:36)
By Saeed Naqvi
These are such desperate times for journalism that S. Nihal Singh's departure at 89 triggers memories about a phase in the profession that dreams are made of.

Raising a wolf to know our life's simian and vulpine choices (Book Review) (11:52)
By Vikas DattaIANS Photo Service
Title: The Philosopher and the Wolf; Author: Mark Rowlands; Publisher: Granta Books; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 499

Switch to stevia for a sweet, healthy lifestyle (11:06)
By Priscilla Samuel
In the midst of today's hectic lifestyle, let's spare a thought for one of the biggest threats to our health and general well-being: Excess of processed high calories and sugar. It is said that "prevention is better than cure". Does this mean we should stop consuming food and drinks which have sugar? Maybe not.

You have now entered the age of absurdity: Be very afraid (The Funny Side) (10:52)
By Nury Vittachi
Shopkeeper: "Will you be paying by credit card, EPS, Apple Pay, debit card, Google Pay, Bitcoin or sacrifice of your first-born?"

Will there be a Yechury-Vijayan showdown at 22nd CPI-M party Congress? (News Analysis) (15:12)
By Sanu GeorgeIANS Photo Service
Thiruvananthapuram, April 18 (IANS) Having won the first round in the battle for supremacy in the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is unlikely let slip his advantage as he takes on party General Secretary Sitaram Yechury at the 22nd party Congress, which began in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Samurai Loans: Why Indian infrastructure needs them(Column: Behind Infra Lines) (12:00)
By Taponeel MukherjeeIANS Photo Service
News that Reliance Jio has raised 53.5 billion Japanese yen (approximately Rs 3,251 crore) in Samurai loans is proof that as the telecom sector in India evolves, not only is Reliance Jio pushing for changes on how businesses are run, but it is also innovating on the capital structure front. There are important takeaways for the infrastructure sector from this Samurai loan.

Times are changing and ideas for economic growth need to keep up (Column: Active Voice) (11:18)
By Amit Kapoor
All economies want to produce more within national borders. This urge arises from the popular belief that manufacturing is a good source of jobs for low-skilled workers. President Donald Trump's fixation with bringing back jobs to American factory floors by any means necessary is merely an extension of the same age-old fetish for manufacturing.

Will social media replace traditional media as democracy's fourth pillar? (Comment) (12:32)
By Saket Suman
The increasing polarisation among media in India -- and perhaps across the world -- has led to an unprecedented trust deficit in everyday news. What was once regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy today finds itself under the scrutiny of citizens as tainted news published with self-securing motives are an everyday occurence in our times.

Core mobile gamers to propel PC gaming market in India (Tech Trend) (12:08)
By Nishant AroraIANS Photo Service
New Delhi, April 16 (IANS) If you belong to the generation that played platform games like "Mario", "Street Fighter" and "Pacman" in the nineties -- bunking classes and hiding from parents who fumed at your late arrivals -- you will probably be more tolerant of today's kids playing games on smartphones, laptops or consoles.

Women's Health in India still facing a recognition challenge (Comment) (11:32)
By Moulshri Kanodia
According to the "OECD Health Statistics 2014: How Does India Compare" report, the overall health spending accounted for only four per cent of the GDP in India in 2012, out of which only 33 per cent of health spending was funded by public sources. Further, health accounted for only 4.8 per cent of total government spending in 2012. India ranks extremely high even among other developing countries in out-of-pocket costs on healthcare.

The future lies in preparing for jobs that don't exist today (Comment) (11:12)
By Sanjiv Kataria
It's April and a time to celebrate for millions of young Indians who have just finished their school-leaving class XII examinations. The days that follow help them unwind after months of exam preparation. The celebrations, however, are short-lived. The next many weeks and months are consumed preparing for admission tests for entry into a wide variety of disciplines.

The radical, rockstar philosopher and his 'dangerous' ideas (Column: Bookends) (11:04)
By Vikas DattaIANS Photo Service
Philosophers may be called "dangerous" for their ideas, can be flamboyantly idiosyncratic, but are rarely described as "the superstar messiah" of their ideology or "Elvis" of their field. But this Slovene qualifies -- for combining two "discredited" systems of thought, being polemical and provocative in political and social criticism, but yet lucid in approach and also appearing onscreen to discuss popular cinema, among other traits.

Make in India will not work -- unless there is a strategic plan (Comment) (12:32)
By Frank F. IslamIANS Photo Service
Prime Minister Narendra Modi set out an ambitious agenda when he announced his administration's Make in India programme in September 2014. The centerpiece of that programme is the National Manufacturing Policy, the purpose of which is to make India a global manufacturing hub. Its intent is to increase manufacturing's share of the country's GDP from 16 per cent to 25 per cent by 2022 and to create 100 million additional jobs by that year.

Nutrition-based welfare schemes play huge role in social upliftment (Comment) (12:06)
By Madhu Pandit Dasa
Our pursuit of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is largely dependent on equality in the distribution of resources and inclusive growth. In the 2017 SDG Index and Dashboards Report, assessing the performance of countries in terms of achieving the SDGs, India ranked 116th out of 157 countries. The need to step up our efforts was further emphasised when we ranked 93rd of 128 countries in the 2017 Social Progress Index (SPI).

Transparency in apps' ecosystem must as more Indians go digital (Tech Analysis) (11:33)
By Faisal Kawoosa
The recent screaming headlines about data security and privacy in the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal have started making even the "illiterates" of the digital world aware about their personal data and the ramifications of the data being leaked or improperly shared.

Bengal violence has hurt Mamata's all-India plans (Column: Political Circus) (11:12)
By Amulya GanguliIANS Photo Service
The Calcutta High Court's decision to suspend the panchayat poll process in West Bengal is a major blow to Mamata Banerjee, for it shows that her government has not been able to ensure even a routine administrative procedure like the peaceful conduct of an election campaign.

Aspirational Districts initiative a breath of fresh air (Comment) (11:20)
By Alok Kumar, Neil Buddy Shah & Ronald Abraham
The NITI Aayog recently launched the first round of ranking of India's Aspirational Districts. The ranking, based on the socio-economic performance of 100+ districts, marks the initiation of a significant shift in development policy formulation in the country.

Trade war fears and the resilience of emerging markets (Column: Active Voice) (11:06)
By Amit KapoorIANS Photo Service
The much-dreaded trade war has come dangerously close to fruition after the tit-for-tat exchanges between the United States and China over the course of the past week.

Propose STF to monitor unauthorised constructions in Delhi, Centre tells SC (20:00)IANS Photo Service
New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) The Supreme Court on Monday informed by the Central government that it has proposed to set up a Special Task Force (STF) to monitor issues relating to unauthorised constructions in national capital and will take steps to demolish them.

Clandestine work in a realistic frame: Matt Helm and his exploits (Column: Bookends) (11:20)
By Vikas DattaIANS Photo Service
What can we expect of spy fiction? Should it be all glamour -- parties, fast cars, women (or lets say partners), casinos, over-the-top and plentiful action in exotic locations with clearly marked good and bad sides, as in James Bond films? Or should it be the gritty, unromanticised variant -- with less-than-perfect protagonists, moral ambiguity, power politics and devious mindgames, as in the John Le Carres novels?

Chennai DefExpo: Will it initiate a new dawn for India's military? (Comment) (11:18)
By C. Uday Bhaskar
The four-day DefExpo 2018 that opens outside Chennai on April 11 has been innovatively and generously showcased as "India: The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub" and a large number of platforms and military inventory items manufactured in India will be on display.

Dalit anger: BJP's hard core is its own enemy (Column: Political Circus) (11:04)
By Amulya GanguliIANS Photo Service
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) owes much of its woes to the reluctance of its core constituency of urban, upper caste, conservative, anti-minority, middle class supporters to accept Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "sabka saath, sabka vikas" mantra of development for all.

Can you have your privacy and eat it too? (Comment) (12:42)
By Arnav Joshi
When Aristotle seminally made a distinction between the polis and the oikos, laying the early foundations of the confidential zone, he did so around clear societal demarcations and a very different understanding of what was private, and what privacy needed protection from.

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