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International Workshop on Resource Mobilization to be held in India

Chandigarh July 2, 2013: India is blessed with a 400 million middleclass population but a mere 5 % of these are contributing to NGOs and charitable organizations. Equally there is a large number of High Net worth Individuals. Most of the above two are more than willing to share their resources with causes but there is no one approaching them, much less professionally. There is a dearth of skilled Fundraisers with NGOs who can access the above in a professional manner to optimize on their efforts.

Without skills NGOs find it difficult to strategies, plan, communicate and raise resources they require. It is only with skills that NGOs will be able to involve people with their causes and work and move towards sustainability, this is where the pivotal role played by the widely recognized International Workshop on Resource Mobilization Asia 2013 (IWRM) comes in.

The workshop helps in providing comprehensive training in all aspects of resource mobilization and sustainable fundraising techniques. NGOs, Charity trusts, government institutions and individuals involved in fund raising work stand to gain from the IWRM which will be held in Jaipur from August 20 to August 23, 2013.

The IWRM conceptualized by Resource Alliance will offer a comprehensive and customized capacity development service that equips NGOs with the strategy, skills and knowledge that will help them build fundraising capacities and improve longer-term financial sustainability.

General Sandhu, Chair Resource Alliance India, a development professional of 16 years said, “Most of the NGOs in India are doing good work and making an impact on society, but do not have the skills to communicate and involve people with their work.” The large number of benevolent giver thus remains untouched or inaccessible. How to raise funds and remain sustainable is a dilemma faced by most NGOs today. This is where Resource Alliance steps in as a trusted intermediary in helping raise sufficient funds by bridging the gap between NGOs and the large pool of untapped donors. Speaking about the workshop, he said, “Each session of our workshop is designed in such a way that it has something for everyone, both beginner and experienced practitioners alike. We also know the importance of networking which IWRM offers along with a unique opportunity for skill-sharing and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. We have also set a clear strategy for dialogue with institutional donors, governments and business communities in your country to strengthen support for civil society and your own organization”.


IWRM 2013 offers an even greater selection of topics and speakers to set the participants on their way towards fundraising success. The best speakers/trainer from the world over with good understanding of Asian situations gather to educate, inform and inspire delegates who go back armed to give off their best on return to their NGOs.

Delegates are equipped on drafting strategic fundraising and marketing plans, with emphasis on hands-on ‘how to’ workshops and high-energy plenaries The delegates will also get access to a global network of fellow fundraising professionals from non-profit organizations around the world.


About The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance works with not-for-profit organizations around the world to help them build their financial sustainability by building skills, knowledge and promoting excellence within civil society. An international charity headquartered in London with regional offices in India and Uganda, they aim to be the global network for fundraising, resource mobilization and philanthropy. Their network of NGO leaders, fundraisers, governments, funders, academics and development practitioners stretches all the way around the world.

The Reliance Alliance hosts a programme of events that bring together fundraisers from around the world, providing them with unparalleled learning and networking. It has a 12 year history of organizing the IWRM and is widely recognized as the leading training for building the fundraising capacity of non-profit organizations in the emerging economies. Host countries have included India, Thailand, Uganda, Malaysia, South Africa and Kenya.

For more information, log onto www.resource-alliance.org

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