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Manish Tewari spills the beans in a frank AMA session on Frankly.me

Congress speaker and MP from Ludhiana, Manish Tewari recently undertook the AMA (Ask Me Anything) Challenge on a new video based social networking app Frankly.me, where common people asked him questions and he answered them candidly. In a first of its kind social interview by the janta, Manish Tewari came on camera and faced his followers, supporters as well as haters.

The social interview included questions regarding the growth of India in terms of human development as well as the economic growth of the country. It was heartening indeed to see the public asking questions that concerns the society. The age of the question asking people ranged from young teens to experienced adults.The conscientious behavior of citizens that came up in this candid question and answer session is testimony indeed that the proletariat can no longer be fooled by politicians and their cliched jargons.

In a startling comment, that Manish Tewari made when asked about measures to keep population in control, he said that people do not want the state to be intruding in their bedrooms. He said that Globalisation of labour flows is very important and that India needs to physically export 50-60 crore people.

It remains to be seen whether Mr Tewari's this particular solution of India's overpopulation is practical or not, and how the public would react to approach of solving India's population problems.

Source: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari/india-majorly-suffering-from-overpopulation-as-predicted-beat-china-a-few-decades-what-substantial-steps-should-taken-immediatly-keep-population-cont-2760e333398c45b5aaccf3b0dcf8a089

On his views on the much in the news "Make in India" campaign, Manish Tewari criticized it by calling it impractical, and said that manufacturing is a ship that has sailed in India. He went on to say that overhauling of the entire architecture of governance, labour laws, state of working women and concentrating on the sunrise sectors of India is required. Despite all the efforts, “Make in India remains to be a pipedream.” he declared.

With the cynicism of Raghuram Rajan and now Manish Tewari's comment, ‘Make in India’ has seen more criticism than appreciation, and appears to be one of many ‘under construction’ ventures of the Modi government.

Source: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari/what-do-u-have-to-say-about-the-make-in-india-feature-of-the-union-budget-5c4d08821c64422fab9d736803bae177

Mr Tewari was also asked about the critical condition of Punjab, and what needed to be done about it, to which he gave a surprisingly caustic comment that Punjab needed to get rid of the BJP Akali government. He went on to criticize it by saying that the biggest problem of Punjab is that the political patronage has extended to almost every nefarious activity. In a strong statement, he said that the cleaning of Punjab required getting rid of the BJP Akali government.


The internal crisis of the Aam Aadmi Party has indeed set tongues wagging and several fingers pointing.
One user asked Manish Tewari, "Hey, do you want to join AAP because of their great intentions?", to which he shot back, "What great intentions are you talking about? Shouting, squabbling, employing bouncers to throw out your own colleagues, is that a testimony of great intentions?"


Earlier he had called Team Anna composed of armchair fascists, overground maoists, closet anarchists, funded by invisible donors. On being questioned about his view on the party now, he lashed out at AAP by saying that it has morphed into something even more insidious than what was in the initial days.

Source: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari/sir-you-alleged-that-the-so-called-team-anna-composed-of-armchair-fascists-overground-maoists-closet-anarchists-funded-by-invisible-donors-now-d92d728cba6e4fdc9c15f9165af47098

He also seemed to frown upon the idea of installation of cctv cameras in Delhi for the purpose of women safety. He questioned if Kejriwal intended to have a Big Brother watching over each and every action that a citizen takes in the capital. He was also sceptical about the costs that would be incurred and it’s feasibility. He concluded his answer by saying that this measure would not ensure complete women safety as most of the crime against women are done by their well known people.

Source: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari/kejriwal-promised-installation-of-cctv-cameras-every-lane-and-street-for-women-security-but-that-seems-a-distant-reality-how-can-we-get-him-act-faste-502bcb1b37644a378c4c29b1ccc1edd4

The AMA was not all about controversies and arguments either. A light moment came up when a fan asked, "Did you always want to be a politician or did you have any dreams as a child?" Asked a curious supporter. Manish Tewari replied that he never wanted to be a politician. He said that he became one by default and that as a child he always wanted to be a singer. "But I realized that whenever I opened my mouth, even the donkeys ran away." he said with a straight face.

Source: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari/hello-sir-i-dont-want-shoot-any-controversial-questions-u-just-want-u-know-that-u-inspire-me-a-lot-i-want-know-that-did-u-always-want-a-politici-65f121302be84c3fb89f226cfbdfd4a7

Manish Tewari has answered 45 questions on the app, ranging from fun and personal questions to serious and pressing issues of the nation, all of which can be found here: http://frankly.me/ManishTewari

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