Elephant Kalpana: A year of freedom to celebrate!
    • Elephant Kalpana: A year of freedom to celebrate!(11:56)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) 45-year-old Kalpana, previously a begging elephant, is celebrating a year of freedom at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Centre in Mathura! Kalpanas rescue in 2019 was brought to the attention of millions.
    Over-sanitising? Here's how to keep your skin soft
    • Over-sanitising? Here's how to keep your skin soft(11:56)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) Washing hands or sanitising them regularly with an alcohol-based handrub is one of the top ways one can avoid getting infected by - and further spreading - the deadly Coronavirus.
    Harshdeep Kaur on COVID-19: People want to listen to meditative music
    Searches for remote work surge in India as social distancing takes hold
    Ways to have better sex tonight
    • Ways to have better sex tonight(11:47)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) A person's sex life hugely depends on their individual preferences, coupled with that of their partner. Sexual needs and preferences are best handled through one-on-one dialogue. But, if something is really not working, it must be tabled, so both of you can work on or around it.
    Sleep: The most underrated antioxidant
    • Sleep: The most underrated antioxidant(11:47)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) Have you ever wondered what is the importance of day and night, what is the role of sleep, how do we set a good circadian rhythm? Well all this revolves around the hormone melatonin!!
    Vertical transmission of COVID-19 not detected so far
    • Vertical transmission of COVID-19 not detected so far(11:41)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) More than 130 million women give birth around the world each year. During pregnancy, changes in the immune system make women generally more susceptible to respiratory infections. During the ongoing pandemic, anxiety can quickly multiply, especially if you're pregnant or if you just delivered your little one.
    10 easy steps to build a stronger immune system
    • 10 easy steps to build a stronger immune system(11:41)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) We often see how people around us get affected by viral infections and fevers easily; they have to keep making visits to the doctor at regular intervals.
    Detox Diet for Liver Cleansing
    • Detox Diet for Liver Cleansing(11:36)
      New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife) Your live is the second largest organ in the human body with a complex structure and function. It plays a vital role in your digestive system. It processes all the food and liquid intake in the body, including medication. Therefore, it is impossible to survive without the functioning of the liver.
    COVID-19: Fight the pandemic with the power and sweetness of music
    Yoga to combat lockdown blues
    • Yoga to combat lockdown blues(14:00)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) The recent lockdown may prove daunting on our physiological and psychological well-being, due to lack of social mingling, outdoor and office routine.
    Food to include in the diet of growing children
    • Food to include in the diet of growing children(14:00)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) With a young child, meals can be an everyday hassle, especially when you want to introduce new food, and motivate children to make healthy food choices.
    Healthy is not boring!
    • Healthy is not boring!(13:54)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) Eating right is on everyone's agenda. Who ever said that taste and healthy are at odds with each other?
    Now, jam online with India's great musical minds
    • Now, jam online with India's great musical minds(13:48)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) While most Indians are stuck indoors amid a nationwide lockdown to avoid COVID-19 spread, there is no dearth of people getting creative with their hobbies and passions. One such initiative focuses on music.
    Get summer ready
    • Get summer ready(13:42)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) Lets be optimistic, the lockdown isn't going to last forever and we will get to step out of our houses soon enough.
    Digital tourism: Explore California through movies
    • Managing chronic conditions during a global health crisis(13:39)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) In light of the rapid onset of coronavirus, there are many questions and concerns on how to best keep in good health, especially for those with chronic conditions. And do these conditions make one more vulnerable and at a higher risk of complications, in the event of COVID-19.
    FDCI and LFW come together to battle COVID-19 crisis
    • FDCI and LFW come together to battle COVID-19 crisis(02:37)
      New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) To help fight the repercussions of the nationwide lockdown in order to contain the ongoing pandemic, the fashion fraternity has come together to lend support for those most affected by it.
    Test your culinary skills with these recipes
    • Test your culinary skills with these recipes(12:20)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) Locked up in your home with absolutely nothing to do. Why not test your culinary skills? Top chefs and experts bring you healthy and easy home recipes.
    Let the music play
    • Let the music play(12:18)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) While some of us are either listening to the radio, attending a virtual concert, others are looking at picking up a new skill to occupy their hours.
    Light up your home
    • Light up your home(12:18)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) Lockdown Week-two, and most of us have made the best use of this to clean and refurbish our homes, amongst other stuff.
    Make work-from-home less stressful with Ayurveda
    • Make work-from-home less stressful with Ayurveda(12:14)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) Staying calm all the time during a lockdown can be difficult. On top of that if you are working from your home, things can get stressful, for you and others around you. But, Ayurveda can come to your rescue.
    Transform your home into an entertainment zone
    • Transform your home into an entertainment zone(12:12)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) As the lockdown period extends, days seem to be longer and monotony crops in. Most of us tend to hunt for new and exciting things to do. Watching TV, playing video games can surely beat time, but it's not gratifying until there is more to do.
    Flixjini: Your personal streaming advisor
    • Flixjini: Your personal streaming advisor(12:12)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) Are you tired of flipping streaming platforms to find good content to watch? If yes, Flixjini is here to your rescue as it launches in India.
    Embrace at-home fermentation to maximise nutrition
    • Embrace at-home fermentation to maximise nutrition(12:12)
      New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) 2.7 billion people globally have been called on to stay home; this includes 130 crore Indians in the wake of the pandemic. The entire family can get involves in activities together-- like the long forgotten, organic and natural method of cooking: fermentation