• India loves to order-in, says new report(17:22)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) More Indian food lovers are preferring to order-in food in the comfort of their homes, rather than eating out, says a new report by a food delivery platform.
    • Heritage-design festival to open in Delhi(14:50)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) Celebrating the inherited craft heritage of India, an upcoming two-day festival will present traditional craft and contemporary design under one roof.
    The timeless beauty look book
    • The timeless beauty look book(12:26)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) With the onset of the holiday season, a lot of us are painstakingly looking for inspiration. What works well at a party, is it fresh-faced on glamorous, makeup tips for the beach and on the ski slopes. Try these five looks inspired by Bollywood divas for several occasions your looking forward to.
    An art gala at Delhi's Triveni Kala Sangam
    • An art gala at Delhi's Triveni Kala Sangam(11:10)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) New Delhi-based cultural hub, Triveni Kala Sangam, known for its round-the-clock vibrant cultural scene, has quite some art inspiration to offer in the month of December.
    Honeymoon destination worth considering
    • Honeymoon destination worth considering(11:10)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) One can pick from a wide array of idyllic locales such as Greece, Switzerland, South Africa, and Italy. But how do you choose whether you want to snuggle up in front of a fire and relax to the sound of the tides on a hammock? Heres is a list of this seasons handpicked hotels for the discerning traveller. Couples seeking the ultimate romantic holiday can choose from a range of experiences and settings such as - hidden getaways, wellness retreats, culinary sojourns and adventure in the wilderness.
    H&M is set to rent out its clothes for the first time
    • H&M is set to rent out its clothes for the first time(11:10)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) The first H&M store where fashion fans have the opportunity to rent some stunning garments, including bridal dresses has just opened in Stockholm. The H&Ms Sergels Torg store has been closed to customers for some major refurbishment, and new customers will be met by an entirely new H&M experience.
    Breakfast with a twist
    • Breakfast with a twist(11:10)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) It's always fun to experiment with breakfast especially if you're cooking for the family. But If you are tired of tradtional breakfast favoruties, then you can always mix things up by throwing in a few non-desi ingredients. Chef Vijesh Modi, Sr. Sous Chef, The Deltin, Daman shares lip-smacking recipes for tthe morning.
    Mistakes that kill your plants in winter
    • Mistakes that kill your plants in winter(11:10)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) As winter approaches, humans go into power-saving mode and do all that it takes to make the cold season as cosy as possible. Considering that plants cant do so by themselves, we need to take care of them during these few months.
    Rainbow literature festival sets out to be queer, inclusive
    Engage and Speak up
    • Engage and Speak up(11:08)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) Revolving on the theme of #openingdoors, the third edition of �We The Women - a one-day participatory, created and curated by Barkha Dutt for Facebook & UN Women took place in Mumbai on 1st December 2019.
    Top five attractions in South Korea's Incheon
    • Top five attractions in South Korea's Incheon(11:08)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) If you are headed to the Republic of Korea, commonly known as South Korea, chances are you will land in the Incheon International Airport, which is a short drive away from the mega city of Seoul. If you have some time to spare in Incheon, consider seeing these attractions.
    Just tied the knot and don't fancy a pregnancy
    • Just tied the knot and don't fancy a pregnancy(11:06)
      New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANSlife) Contraceptive or birth control pill are fraught with numerous myths and deep concerns about their side effects, especially regarding the possibilities of conceiving in the future or the development of cancer.
    'Travel', 'woke' most used words on Tinder India (IANS Exclusive)
    Ananya Panday to raise funds for acid attack victims
    Quentin Blake's illustrations to go on auction
    • Quentin Blake's illustrations to go on auction(22:20)
      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) Unseen drawings from the studio of one of the worlds best-loved illustrators, Sir Quentin Blake, who is best known for illustrating books written by Roald Dahl, will be auctioned online.
    Bukhara, Dum Pukht and Avartana amongst the best restaurants in the world
    The forgotten children of Bhopal
    • The forgotten children of Bhopal(16:38)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) A photo-exhibition titled 'Aftermath: 35 Years after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy' by independent social documentary photographer and short story writer, Rohit Jain, showcases the life of Bhopal's people three generations after that fateful night.
    The ancient temples of Osian
    • The ancient temples of Osian(15:02)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) In the midst of a small township, on the road to Jaisalmer and about 60 kilometres from Khimsar, stand the ancient temples of Osian. This area is said to have been an important trade centre for Jains between the eighth and 12th centuries AD.
    Is it a good idea to delay your periods?
    • Is it a good idea to delay your periods?(14:52)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) To delay your period once in a blue moon is just about okay, but to practice this often is not the wisest of choices for your health. Delaying your periods is not something which is to be practiced in a routine as there can be some ill effects if it's done frequently.
    How to choose the right denim
    • How to choose the right denim(14:48)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Jeans are a staple in every person's wardrobe. They can be dressed up for a fancy look or be dressed down for a casual, stress-free look. Jeans also exude personality and signify a sense of freedom in millennials. However, the right fit is inevitable to ensure it enhances the look of the wearer.
    Top hair care tips for men
    • Top hair care tips for men(14:46)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Nothing is more attractive than a head full of healthy, luscious locks, even for men. So, while you care for your beard and mustache, take care of your tresses.
    Happy Anniversary
    • Happy Anniversary(14:44)
      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Come wedding season and it's not just about the upcoming nuptials, there are a whole bunch of celebrity couples whose anniversaries are in the spotlight.