Jewellery is an emotional and occasion led purchase, says expert
    Is pregnancy related low back pain sciatica?
    • Is pregnancy related low back pain sciatica?(12:16)

      New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANSlife) Low back pain effects approximately 50 to 80 per cent of pregnant women. There are numerous etiologies for pregnancy-related back pain, such as mechanical effects of gravid uterus, positional stressors, and hormonal effects resulting in pain at pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joint.

    Grooming essentials for the Urbane man
    • Grooming essentials for the Urbane man(12:08)

      New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANSlife) During home sheltering we all enjoyed our fair share of spa days and time for self-indulgence. While juggling our work from home duties and responsibilities, we explored various tips, tricks, and products to understand what suits us best. But, to our surprise, as offices start to open up and we all prepare ourselves for the morning commute, it is equally imperative to nail that corporate look while you step into your hallways back again.

    Diwali deep-cleaning - a quick checklist
    • Diwali deep-cleaning - a quick checklist(12:08)

      New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANSlife) With Diwali comes the yearly ritual of disinfecting and deep-cleaning our homes. However, your basic cleaning ritual might not be sufficient to the changing needs of the environment we live in. If the deadly viruses around us have taught anything, disinfection should be as much a goal in our regular cleaning, rather than just the basic visible cleanliness. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the right way of cleaning and disinfecting homes that lends itself to a responsible celebration.

    Finest and rarest wines and spirits on auction at Christie's
    • Finest and rarest wines and spirits on auction at Christie's(11:40)

      New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANSlife) On December 2 and 3, Christie's finest and rarest wines and spirits auction will be highlighted by an exceptional collection of vintage cuvees from Maison Perrier-Jouet, including bespoke experiences at the home of the illustrious Champagne House in Epernay.

    Smart homes require smart air purification systems
    • Smart homes require smart air purification systems(14:04)

      New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANSlife) While smart homes are typically about connected and automated devices and appliances, making it a super convenient and comfortable living experience for residents, there is one connect that we often seem to miss when we speak of smart homes -- the inextricable connect with the indoor home environment.

    Millennials love their G&T
    • Millennials love their G&T(13:36)

      New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANSlife) Gin and Tonic is one such cocktail that has had the privilege to stand out among others, such as whisky and soda, rum and cola, and vodka and sprite. It is the one spirit that has earned the slang 'G&T'. For those of us who are unfamiliar it is gin with ice, tonic water, and a squeeze of lime on top.

    5 traditional saree styles for this festive season
    • 5 traditional saree styles for this festive season(13:32)

      New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANSlife) The festive season in the post-pandemic era has brought in new hopes and optimism. After almost two years people have now gradually started to organise festive gathering which spreads cheer.

    Wall trends for this fall
    • Wall trends for this fall(13:32)

      New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANSlife) As fall nesting is upon us, opt for tasteful wallpapers if you're looking to dramatically overhaul your interiors. Besides being more durable and cost-effective in the long run, wallpapers can add texture and dimension to a space, transforming an ordinary room into something special. Take your pick from muted backdrops to geometric prints from splash of vibrant hues to intricate patterns.

    Olive Bar and Kitchen launches a cloud kitchen
    • Olive Bar and Kitchen launches a cloud kitchen(11:46)

      New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANSlife) From the iconic Mediterranean restaurant, Olive Bar and Kitchen, AD Singh has recently launched a new cloud kitchen, Olive Pizzeria, with multiple locations.

    Party with these make-up tricks
    • Party with these make-up tricks(11:46)

      New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANSlife) Digital beauty platform aims to be a disrupter in the Indian beauty market segment offering a curation of products to suit customisation and individual needs. Intime for the festive season, Chandni Goyal, Training Manager at House of Beauty and Boddess, shares a few tricks to see you through endless nights of partying:

    Nykaa acquires home-grown skincare brand
    • Nykaa acquires home-grown skincare brand(11:46)

      New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANSlife) Nykaa, one of India's leading beauty and fashion e-commerce platforms, today announced the acquisition of the Indian skincare brand Dot & Key. This is the first D2C (direct to consumer) beauty brand acquired by the platform and following this investment by the brand, Dot & Key will join Nykaa's stable of owned brands.

    Invest in art this festive season
    • Invest in art this festive season(11:36)

      New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANSlife) Diwali is the time of the year when we indulge in enjoying various types of activities, from decorating your house to making lip-smacking festive food! During this season, decorative items for your humble home or for gifting purposes can undoubtedly make the festival of lights more memorable. Investing in art is a wonderful way of passing on sentiment, giving them something that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

    41% of Indians unaware of examinations related to women's health
    • 41% of Indians unaware of examinations related to women's health(11:32)

      New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANSlife) Over the last one-and-a-half-year, people have been vocal about both mental and physical health in relationships. Even while miles away from one another, people kept checking on the health and well-being of their loved ones. However, one issue, i.e., breast cancer has been affecting women throughout the world, and it still needs much more focus and attention.